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EdReady English is designed to help students meet basic college entrance requirements. This program integrates and reinforces the standard developmental English curriculum — reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary building, and grammar skills — to fully prepare students for credit-bearing courses. EdReady English permits students to self-assess for mastery of grade-level knowledge and skills and readiness for their next level of study toward college English readiness. EdReady uses diagnostic testing to establish personalized study paths to fill in learning gaps and to reinforce understanding. Each EdReady English goal contains between 9-26 learning topics. As students demonstrate mastery of each skill and learning topic in their study path, they see their goal score increase as evidence of progress toward their target score of 100. View a two-minute overview of EdReady English from the NROC Project.

EdReady is part of the non-profit NROC Project.

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NROC Project

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Weekly Checklist Template

Use the following template for creating a weekly structure of learning for your students.