Find Your Future

This course is designed to guide students through the process of exploring and choosing potential career pathways. Students will engage in self-exploration activities such as skills and interests assessments and apply what they learn to the process of choosing a career. Course features include an exploration of post-secondary educational options and requirements, informational interview and job shadowing experiences, as well as problem solving and goal setting activities. This student-centered course focuses on helping students get to know themselves so they can find the future that’s right for them! Instead of a final exam, students will complete an end-of-course project. To complete this project students will use the assignments in each unit to help them begin to develop an Educational Development Plan (EDP). An Educational Development Plan is designed to help students identify their career and educational goals as they relate to academic requirements. An EDP is a way for students to document their progress toward career and educational goals. If students have already started an EDP at their schools, they can use this final project to update it with the most current information about their career and educational goals.

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